• Monetize your users
    with mobile chat.
    Engage and retain your users,
    and tap an incremental revenue source.
  • Add chat to any app
    with our mobile SDK
    Our platform is free and easy to setup,
    we split revenue from high yield native ads.
  • It's Really That Simple
    chat creates the ad impressions
    native ads generate the revenue

Affinity Networks empowers anyone to add chat and social features to a mobile app and monetize it for free, or launch a custom white-label app for your brand, website or community.

Our Core Engagement Features

Real-Time Group Chat
Real-Time Group Chat

Maximize engagement by enabling users to connect and communicate with each other via user created chat rooms.

Direct Messaging
Direct Messaging

Increase retention by encourage users to make friends and communicate one-on-one with each other via direct messages.

User Accounts & Profile
Semi-Anonymous User Profiles

Build enthusiasm and passion by allowing users to individualize themselves with unique her profiles and accounts.

Unlimited Push Notificatiojns
In-App and Push Notifications

Re-engage, notify and stay connected with users in and out of the app via push notifications for new messages, discussions and friend activity.

Our platform is completely turnkey with dozens of social features and built-in UX. View Entire Feature List

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