• Engage and monetize
    your user base.
    Integrate our mobile chat and
    high-yield native ads SDK for free.
  • Add chat to any app
    or launch a white label.
    10x session length and $1.50 RPU; implement in
    a few hours and make 100% of the ad revenue.
  • It's Really That Simple
    chat creates ad impressions
    native ads generate revenue

You’ve already done the work to build a user base. Why stop there?

AFINITY empowers anyone to add chat and social features to a mobile app and monetize it for free, or launch a custom white-label app for your brand, website or community. Engage and monetize your users like never before.

The App Developers Struggle

Our Solution

Truly empower your users with social features like chat and direct messaging, then generate completely incremental advertising revenue via high-yield native ads.

Our platform is completely turnkey with dozens of social features and built-in UX. View Example Implemenations

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