The 5 best apps to record screen on Android

Maybe the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true in some cases; but there are times when a simple screenshot is not enough, and that’s where the tools to record the screen of our smartphone come into action. We have prepared the best apps to record screen on Android that you may be needing right now. Keep scrolling and get to know them.

It is worth noting that nowadays recent smartphones come with apps already installed on the device that allow you to record the screen of the device, although there are others that do not come with this tool, and for this the following apps to record screen are completely free.

What are the best apps to record mobile screen?

Find out which are the best screen recording tools below:

1. AZ Recorder

It could be said that AZ Recorder is one of the best apps to record the screen of our smartphone for free, since in addition to containing different functions in one place, being free does not contain an exaggerated amount of annoying ads that interrupt its functions. On the other hand, AZ Recorder allows you to perform streaming from your cell phone to different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitch.

With AZ Recorder you’ll be able to choose the resolution you need to start recording the screen of your mobile device in full HD. Enjoy all that this tool has for you from now on completely free.

2. Riv Screen Recorder

Simple and easy to use! That’s right, thanks to the fabulous Riv Screen Recorder platform, millions of users around the world have successfully recorded their mobile screens in high resolution, since thanks to this app you can choose the resolution you want. Get to know now the most interesting features of Riv Screen Recorder:

  • Set the image quality you want.
  • Choose the orientation you want to focus.
  • Record the entire screen.
  • It allows you to record the audio coming out of the smartphone.

3. XRecorder

If you like simple, but potential Screen Recorder – XRecorder is the application for you, because thanks to its clean and intuitive interface it allows you to have a better management and control of it while you are recording your smartphone screen. XRecorder has a large library where all your videos will be stored and then you can move them to your personal gallery.

Besides, to top it off, this tool lets you have and move the essential buttons to any place on the screen. Discover some of its advantages below:

  • Record Gameplay on your cell phone.
  • No watermarks.
  • It has no duration limit.
  • Take screenshots without losing resolution.

4. Game Screen Recorder

Game Screen Recorder is one of the favorite tools for gamers to record audiovisual content directly from the screen of their smartphones. And this platform is so recognized and acclaimed in the gamer community, because thanks to it you can play video games while recording without reducing the performance of the same; something that other apps to record screen does not offer

Next we will show you which are the most important features you will find inside Game Screen Recorder:

  • A Premium application completely FREE!
  • You will not need access to the operating system in its Lollipop.
  • Modify the record button: You can edit the visibility of the “record” button so that it is not too noticeable during recording, or you can choose a small image from your gallery to disguise it.
  • Allows you to pause and resume recording as many times as you want.
  • The essential buttons of the app will be in the notification area.

5. Record Screen+Record Video

Much more than just a screen recorder; this is Record Screen+Record Video, a professional platform that will allow you to record what happens on your screen and take screenshots, broadcast live and edit videos completely free without having an exact limit of duration, no need to use a root and much less watermark. Everything you want in one place.

This platform is specially designed for those creative people who manage to capture beautiful videos everywhere (even on their Android screen). What really makes this app different from the others is the simple and professional way in which they managed to include everything you need to edit videos in one place. Don’t think twice and try this tool now.