Top 10 best equalizers to download free on Android

If you’re looking for a way to set up your smartphone’s audio to sound its best, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will learn about some of the best free Android equalizers out there, with which you can adjust every sound frequency on your device, and in this way get the maximum quality to a song or a specific music genre.

1. Music Equalizer Pro

Not for nothing, that Music Equalizer Pro is the most downloaded equalizer app on Play Store, with more than 5 million installations. This app is characterized by its large number of functions, the most important being, its 5-band equalizer and its 22 presets for pop, rock, house or other types of music.

Another feature of the app is that it allows you to control the volume of all media on the device using an audio mixer. In addition, it also has a virtualizer effect and includes bass and volume boost.


2. Poweramp

Poweramp is a powerful music player and one of the best equalizers for Android completely free. With up to 10 bands, this tool lets you control even the smallest aspect of every frequency in a song.

The advantage of an equalizer integrated directly into a music player is that the two will never present compatibility problems with each other, something that usually happens when these apps are not from the same developer.


3. SpotiQ Equalizer

SpotiQ is one of the best equalizers to use with Spotify, since it was specially designed for this platform. Right off the bat, it includes 10 presets for various music genres, as well as the option to create your own equalizer settings.

Another feature that makes SpotiQ unique is its AEQ or automatic presets, which basically identifies what music genre you are listening to in order to set the most appropriate EQ settings.


4. Bass Booster

The Bass Booster app comes to solve a problem with audio that is common in all devices: the weakness of the bass frequencies. With this equalizer for Android you can increase the level of bass or bass to get a more energetic sound.

It also lets you increase the volume without losing audio quality and apply surround sound effects. Additionally, it has the most important functions of an equalizer, with 5 bands to control the level of each frequency and 10 preset effects.


5. Flat Equalizer

One of the best equalizers available on Android, with several thousand positive reviews is Flat Equalizer. Which, draws attention for its minimalist and modern design, as well as for its various functions for better audio output.

It has a 10-band equalizer, virtualizer effect, bass boost, volume boost, surround sound and reverb. The latter, also called reverb, simulates that the sound bounces on different surfaces before reaching our ears, pretending something similar to echo and giving a similarity with the depth of the song or audio we listen to.


6. Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX is an app designed to improve the sound quality of your Android phone. One of its most outstanding functions is the volume amplification with which you can make your smartphone sound louder.

As it could not miss, it has a 7-band equalizer with 10 presets, plus an audio mixer and a bass boost function. Another of its advantages, is that it allows you to control the ongoing playback from apps like YouTube or Google and from the Equalizer FX notification.


7. Wavelet

Wavelet is an equalization tool specifically designed for music headphones. This has more than 3000 pre-calculated optimizations that are applied automatically depending on the model of headphones used.

In addition, if you need to optimize the music even more, you can find its 9-band graphic equalizer that ensures a thorough control over all the frequencies of a song.


8. Equalizer for Bluetooth

This equalizer for Android ensures that you can stream music via Bluetooth without any problems, applying equalization effects, something that many other similar apps fail to do.

On the other hand, Equalizer for Bluetooth allows you to select the model of your headphones, whether wireless or wired headphones, and apply specific improvements to them. It goes without saying that you can activate a floating button to control the equalization even outside the app.


9. Equalizer Music Player

Another equalizer for Android integrated directly into a music player is Equalizer Music Player. This one features 7 bands and 10 settings, plus a powerful audio amplifier and a visualization system for creating sound-based animations.

The music player has a “DJ mode” that takes care of smooth transitions between songs and avoids silences between tracks. In addition, it includes 2 widgets that you can place on your home screen to control your music without opening any application.


10. EQ Equalizer FX

Despite being our last recommendation, EQ Equalizer FX is a fairly complete app that has most of the features included in the previous options. First, its equalizer comes with 12 presets or presets, and also offers the user the ability to create their own configurations.

It is worth noting that this equalizer has widgets for your home screen and a music visualization function. Among other features, which of course could not be missing, are bass boost and volume amplification, as well as other features that we invite you to learn more about by downloading the app to your smartphone.