Top 10 apps to increase the volume on Android

Have you ever listened to a music from your smartphone, but it doesn’t sound loud enough? Do you have a problem listening to audio notes well? Don’t worry, we’ll show you the 10 best apps to increase the volume on Android that you’ll need from now on.

As we all know, every new smartphone comes with speakers in perfect condition, however, sometimes we get videos, audios or calls which we don’t usually hear clearly, and that’s where the equalizers for Android and apps that boost the volume come into action.

10 apps to boost the volume of sounds, music and videos

Discover the necessary tools you should use to achieve better volume for audios, videos and music on your mobile device:

1. Speaker Booster

First we have Speaker Booster, an incredible application with which you can increase the volume of your mobile as many times as you want taking the volume beyond its limits. An intuitive, easy to use and safe app, with which thanks to its algorithm you will be able to have more volume without exaggerating and being able to ruin your speakers.

Available for all Android versions, do not worry anymore about the volume of your smartphone, because thanks to Speaker Booster you can improve it and listen wherever you are to your favorite audio, videos and songs.

2. Dub Studio Music Equalizer

If you are a music lover this tool is for you. It is a great software that allows you to increase the volume of your smartphone, but not only that; Music Equalizer Volume gives you the possibility to even improve the quality of your sounds by increasing the volume.

All this is supported by a five (5) band equalizer with Bass Boost included, opening you to the possibility of having a better sound, slightly modify your songs and expand the maximum volume of your speakers. Basically, a complete kit in a single app that is completely free and does not take up much space.

3. SoulApps Studio Volume Booster

Achieve a louder volume with the Volume Booster app without so much effort. Thanks to its advantages we can make our smartphone have a higher percentage of volume and even restore it to its original range, however, the settings know the difference between extreme and exaggerated which guarantees you full protection of the smartphone speakers.

In addition, Volume Booster offers the following features:

  • Multimedia volume controller.
  • New equalizer presets.
  • Bass Boost effect.
  • 5-band equalizer.

4. Equalizer Music Player Booster

Another powerful volume booster for Android devices is Equalizer Music Player Booster. Basically, it offers the same features as the previous apps, but this one gives you permission to play music, equalize and amplify the bass with an intense and interesting HD sound quality to enjoy every moment.

A professional sound expander with which you will increase the percentage limit of your mobile speakers without exaggerating in the attempt; download now the app completely free and enjoy good sounds.


A simple and powerful platform with which you will increase the volume of your speakers on your smartphone. Use GOODEV to listen better to voice messages, movies, songs and much more. In addition, you can listen to your audiobooks whenever you want and with better sound quality.

On the other hand, it is important to use the maximum volume with this tool for a long time, since there are cases in which both the speakers and the headphones are ruined by so much volume power.

6. Bass Booster

Play the best videos, songs and audios with an attractive volume thanks to Bass Booster, an incredible tool that will allow you to increase the power of your speakers without ruining them. Bass helps you to improve any sound coming from your smartphone to listen to it with better quality and at a distance far enough away. In addition, this app allows us:

  • Equalizer with 5 bands.
  • Surround sound effect.
  • Bass Boost effect.
  • Boost volume effect.
  • Customizable presets.

7. Netroken Volume Control

A simple way to achieve louder volume without so much effort. Volume Control is another fantastic tool to listen to music, videos or audios from your smartphone with better quality and wider range. Adjust existing volume profiles or simply create some predefined ones with Volume Control, plus explore its interactive widgets on the home screen, which include:

  • Dashboards: different controls for volume.
  • Volume Blocker: Change or alter volume systems.
  • Presets: Incorporate a series of settings to audios.
  • A preset list: Works to apply any audio adjustment.

8. Hu2Di Volume Up

Increase the volume or Volume Up , is a free application to increase the sound of your mobile, both for your speakers, headphones or call horn, which guarantees us to listen to movies, audios, books and videos with better quality and from distances a little distant.

Thanks to Volumen Up you can slowly increase the predesigned or original volume that comes with your smartphone; however, it is important to note that the volume will increase slowly to avoid serious damage to the smartphone’s speakers

9. SpeakerBoost

Start enjoying quality sound with SpeakerBoost. One of the best volume boosters capable of increasing the original sound of songs, voice messages, movies or even message and phone call ringtones completely free.

can’t distinguish or enjoy low sounds from your smartphone? Don’t worry, SpeakerBoost is the solution to that, with ideal settings and unique features capable of increasing the volume of your Android in just a few minutes. Simple, effective and best of all, completely free.

10. Coocent Amplifier

A complete and safe tool which allows you toamplify or increase the volume of your smartphone. Volume Amplifier is an application with which thousands of users have begun to notice sounds in their favorite movies and songs that they had not heard before. And is that thanks to the functions of this amplifier we can:

  • Improve the volume of music, movies or audiobooks.
  • Adjust the volume to 40%, 60%, 80% or maximum.
  • Improve the power of headphones or smartphone speakers.
  • Set a specific volume with the help of a slider.