The 5 best apps to locate people without them knowing for free

Tracking a cell phone can be seen as a complex task in which you must have extensive knowledge of technology or hacking. And the truth is that this is false since it can be done in a simple way and through several apps designed for this purpose.

These work using the GPS integrated with modern devices. And today, no smartphone lacks this location system, so this tool has been booming.

Therefore, we have brought you the five best applications to locate people without them knowing it for free, let’s start!

1. Android Device Manager (Fynd My Device)

We present a cell phone locator application proposed by Google that offers a wide range of possibilities when looking for a lost phone or one we want to locate.

Everything is reduced to 3 extra options that Find My Device offers us; it allows us to configure a new remote lock password, erase any information or stored data, and make it ring in case we have lost the mobile at home.

While locating a person without knowing it, it uses a comfortable and practical interface that shows the device’s location through the Google Maps service; and it will show the last known location.

2. Life360

An interesting apk that owed its fame to the great efficiency and fast location action would be presented as the best tool to keep always located the members of your family or why not! Also, acquaintances and friends.

Once you download and install the application, you will have access to a geolocated tracker for tablets and smartphones, which is also compatible with ios devices and any version of Android 8.0 or higher.

In addition, it provides interesting features such as the creation of private circles, where you will have the possibility of forming closed groups of people (totally independent of each other).

3. Sapp Monitoring

Another apk that deserves to be on the list because you can not only locate or locate people without them knowing; but also it will allow you a complete monitoring of all types of records remotely and from our server.

You can also save records of outgoing and incoming calls, SMS messages, Skype and Whatsapp messages and calls, all activity recorded in browsers and much more!

Using it is a fairly simple process; however, the application must be installed directly on the device you want to monitor. Once done, we need to log into our server through the account registered in the application.

4. App Spyzie

Another app that deserves to enter the list was also created to monitor and keep the little ones of the house protected. However, Spyzie goes much further than just giving us the device’s current location, as it has been designed to control all the online activity that a device has remotely.

To use it, you need to register within the platform and download the apk on the device you want to monitor. Once you have completed these steps, you will have access to a control panel via the web, where you can see everything done with a smartphone.

Among its most outstanding features, we can rule out some such as: an application blocker, location via GPS, activity restriction through schedules, receiving an alert when the user is near the place you determine, access to call log and text messaging, Whatsapp or Facebook and much more.

5. Cerberus

One of the most outstanding apps for the location and security of Android devices that the market offers. It allows you to track a terminal in real-time, but it can also record its environment or take pictures while the user manipulates the phone.

To use it, we only need to install the application on the device we want to track and grant it the necessary permissions. Once this step is completed, you can access its options through the official Cerberus website from a computer, tablet or smart device.

It should be noted that many antiviruses usually mark this application as dangerous due to the nature of its functions. However, we can guarantee that its installation does not imply or suggest any malware infection.