Top 10 apps to record calls on iPhone

Need to record a call from your iPhone? There may be many reasons that lead you to need to do so. The problem is that Apple, favoring the privacy and security of users, does not allow you to do it natively on the device

But every problem has its solution, and this is no exception. In the App Store you will find applications capable of performing this function without any problem and with extra features that give greater versatility. Meet some of them in our list of the best apps to record calls on iPhone that we bring in this opportunity.

1. TapeACall Pro: Call Recorder

Kicking off our list today is what some consider to be the best of its kind for Apple devices. Let’s take a look at its main features:

  • It has no limits on call duration or number of recordings made.
  • You can tag and sort your recordings
  • Allows quick downloading of recordings to your computer.
  • You can share each recording via email, SMS, social networks or cloud storage.
  • Each recording is stored for up to one year.

The only thing that might be a bit complicated for some users is the way the application operates. In order to record calls, you have to wait for the app to link the calls to its own recording line creating a joint call.

Nor can we overlook the fact that it is paid, and somewhat expensive, although it is understandable given the options it offers. In any case, there is a free version to try out the basic functions before paying.

2. Call Recorder – IntCall

Unlike the previous one, this app offers several subscription packages. This will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs among its daily, weekly and annual plans. Let’s review some of its features:

  • You can record national or international calls.
  • The call will remain recorded only on your device,
  • You can add a title to each recording.
  • You can share them via WhatsApp, iTunes file Sharing, Dropbox or Google Drive, among others.

The app allows your recordings to remain on its servers for a while while you download them. After that, they are deleted and the only backup is your cell phone and the media you make when sharing it through one of the available channels.

You must keep in mind that in order for it to work, the call must be made through the application. It also requires that the line be GSM and have support for conference call and standby modes.

3. Acr call recorder – for iPhone

The developers of this application focused on creating an app that would be much easier and intuitive to use. Thanks to that, ACR Call Recorder features a much more user-friendly interface, allowing you to record calls more conveniently.

In addition, the app has a library of numbers or access codes to improve the quality of the recording in certain countries. It also allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls of all types, national or international, regardless of whether you have an internet connection. Similar to the previous ones, the app allows:

  • Upload your recordings to Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.
  • Organize your files by categories.
  • Edit your recordings.
  • Transfer the audio of the recording to a text file, with support for more than 50 languages.

They also offer different premium packages with free trial periods in which you can explore their features before deciding to pay. Please note that your operator must have support for 3-way calls, and that the use of access codes generates additional charges.

4. Google Voice 

This application is not made to be used as a call recorder, but the good thing is that among its functions it has one that can be used for this purpose. Google Voice is an application that, when installed, provides you with a phone number to make or receive calls

It also gives you the option to send or receive text messages and voice mails on any of the devices on which it is installed. Being cross-platform, you can have it on all your mobile devices and even desktops or laptops, and synchronize all the information. Google Voice is capable of:

  • Filter Spam and block numbers, forward calls and block messages or voicemails.
  • All calls, messages and emails are stored and backed up.
  • You can easily search through the backupsfor recordings made.
  • It has voice to text transcription for voice mails.

Google Voice is an excellent alternative to the traditional call provider, offering interesting international rates. However, you should know that it is quite limited and is only accessible in the US, and through workspace for other countries.

5. Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

Another good application to make call recordings that is free at first, but requires in-app purchases to access certain features. With Call Recorder Lite you will also have a fairly simple interface that will allow you to make recordings easily.

What differentiates it from the previous ones are the playback controls it has, allowing you to rewind, forward, pause or increase the playback speed. Otherwise, it allows the recording of both incoming and outgoing calls, using the same method of calling the recording line of the app, it is also necessary that the operator supports 3-way calls

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it allows you to share the recordings by different means such as email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox. And you will only be able to listen to 60 seconds of recording unless you pay for the Pro version from the app

6. Rev Call Recorder

This application has the advantage of being complete and absolutely free, with no need to pay subscriptions or fees for making recordings. It allows you to make an unlimited number of call recordings, regardless of whether they are incoming or outgoing

Additionally, it is important to mention that it has no annoying ads of any kind, so common in free applications. And as a strong point that differentiates it from other apps, it does not use the call merging method, so the recording starts in a single step.

It also has no restrictions when it comes to sharing or storing the recordings in different ways, and offers a very defined audio quality. There is a paid transcription to text service, carried out by transcriptionists who can adjust or format the transcription as you require.

7. RecMyCalls – Call Recorder App

We now present the BPMobile application called RecMyCalls, which has an excellent rating among Apple users. This app has a trial version with access to all its features, and different subscription plans weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and even a lifetime payment. Among its features you can find:

  • Unlimited recording of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Very well elaborated and easy to use interface.
  • Ability to share recordings with other devices or applications.
  • You can rename and organize files for better control.
  • Integrated audio to text function.
  • Good compatibility with different iPhone models.

As an extra, the app has a voice recorder with which you can record notes whenever you want. Please note that this application also makes use of the conference call system for recording. This means that your operator must have support for this feature or you will not be able to record your calls.

8. Call Recorder iCall

Call Recorder is another highly rated app and this is because it greatly simplifies the operation when making recordings. It works with the same three-way method that is common in others, but only requires you to press two buttons to start recording. This, together with its simple interface, gives it an ease of use superior to others.

Thanks to this feature you will be able to start recording any call quickly and smoothly. This makes it especially useful for reporters, anyone who is closing a deal and in general, anyone who wants to save very valuable information.

Otherwise, it offers very similar functions to other applications, allowing you to share recordings, play them back, sort records and access technical support. The application gives you a 3-day trial and then offers three Pro packages for weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions.

9. Call Recording by NoNotes

The NoNotes application has a 4.5 star rating and very good reviews from users and specialized sites. Its features make it preferred by everyone.

It is quite simple to use, and only requires an initial registration with your phone number, email address and a 6-digit PIN. Once registered, you can proceed to record your calls and store them on the servers, then share them, download them, play them back or transcribe them to text.

Although the application is paid, it offers a free monthly time of 20 minutes. This makes it ideal if you will make very occasional or one-off use of the recording function. To record for longer, you will have to opt for one of the plans offered, with monthly and annual subscriptions available.

10. Call Recorder +

We come to the end of our list with an application that has a rather particular feature. Call Recorder + will even allow you to make and record calls without having service available or SIM card in your device. And how does it do that? Simple: it has its own VoIP server through which it can connect and enable communication.

Its availability is guaranteed worldwide, so you won’t have any limitation problems depending on the region or country you are in. In addition, it has all the basic functions of call recorders such as:

  • Playback of recordings without time limit.
  • Upload recordings to email and storage services.
  • Allows you to share the recordings on social networks.

Additionally, you can access all the contact details of the other person in the recordings. It also has a recording function with which you can create voice memos to save information as you may require. And it has a 3-day trial period after which you will have to choose one of its subscription plans to continue using the service.