Top 6 best apps to make work schedules for free

Generating and planning schedules and work schedules can be quite a complicated activity, even if they are our own activities. Shifts, start and end times, guards, overtime, breaks, vacations… organizing all of this can be difficult, even more so if we are talking about a large workforce. And it gets even more complicated if we take into account that there must be no errors, or the productivity of the work would be affected.

But the good news is that technology can help you greatly simplify this task, avoiding errors and increasing your productivity. If we recently talked about apps for clocking in at work, today we go into depth with those that allow you to make work schedules and spreadsheets.

1. Papershift Plan

The first on our list is an application available for both Android and iOS that offers good tools to create work schedules. With this app you will find it extremely easy to keep track of activities, with easy visualization and shift management. Papershift Plan allows you to:

  • Quickly view all your assigned shifts and to-do list in a quick and organized way.
  • View and keep track of the schedules of the rest of your team.
  • Request shifts and participate in the assignment and scheduling of tasks.
  • Assign your own shifts from within the application, creating schedules tailored to your needs.

Papershift Plan also gives you the ability to report absences due to vacation, sickness, leave, etc. It also allows you to keep track of accumulated work hours.

2. Shift Calendar

This application is not only oriented to control your work schedule. It can also serve you perfectly as an agenda of daily activities to have all your commitments in order. Easy to use, configure and customize, it has interesting features such as

  • Creation of personalized shifts
  • You can indicate your income and other data for the calculation of payments and bonuses.
  • Alarms and notifications to alert you of upcoming activities.
  • Its notes function allows you to record your appointments and pending activities each day.
  • It has statistics to keep track of income and hours used and available.

Although free, it has a paid version that gives you access to much more complete and advanced features, such as calendar export, synchronization, the ability to create multiple calendars and more.

3. Supershfit

This colorful app is designed to give you a quick, nice and easy to understand view of all your schedules and work schedules. It focuses on an intuitive interface, being extremely easy to locate each of its functions

Supershift gives you the possibility to:

  • Assign custom colors or icons to each shift or assigned task.
  • Include notes with additional information.
  • Indicate restperiods, vacations and additional shifts.
  • Record your location.
  • Create detailed reports as needed (Earnings, Hours, shifts, etc.)
  • Take care of your eyesight with the dark mode.
  • Plan and define rotations up to 2 years in advance.

It also has a Pro version that adds new features such as calendar synchronization and export, cloud backup and synchronization with Google and Outlook.

4. Shift Calendar

Fourth on our list is a totally free app, useful for both workers and professionals as well as anyone looking to organize their day. Its neat interface, simple and without reloads, allows you to view complex schedules or timelines without confusion. It is especially suitable for workers with rotating or changing shifts, thanks to its functions:

  • List of predefined shifts for quick configuration.
  • Possibility to create 100% customized shifts and edit them later.
  • You can configure different shifts for the same day.
  • You can create different calendars.
  • Compare schedules and shifts with each other.
  • Customize shifts and calendars with themes, icons and color palettes.

Additionally, you can perform an analysis of your configured activities and schedules, so you can check working hours, events, activities and income generated.

5. Shift Work Schedule

For those who do not require something so complex or sophisticated, this tool offers a much simpler solution to organize tasks. Basically, it consists of a calendar on which to configure our shifts, with predetermined or customized patterns. Its simplicity does not prevent it from having useful functions such as:

  • Alarm to warn of shifts to start
  • Widget that provides one-touch access to the calendar
  • Color customization to indicate different shifts
  • Calendar that can be used as a regular calendar to plan activities and events.

The app is completely free, although it displays ads within its publication. Paying for the Plus version will allow you to remove those ads completely.

6. Groups: Work and family calendar

For the end we have left this useful application that is designed to go beyond the simple planning of working days. It is designed so that anyone can easily create and share their work and activity schedules . It has a good collection of functions to make the task of organizing and planning schedules easier:

  • Create an account with your email and access synchronization and cloud service features.
  • Add additionalinformation with notes.
  • Quick editing of calendars with quick, multi-select or event-based modes.
  • You can create and configure as many events as you want for each day.
  • Share and synchronize calendars with others
  • You can use images and audios to your notes and events.
  • Useful widget to access weekly and monthly views with a single tap.

Groups also gives you the opportunity to extend its functions by purchasing new features such as synchronization with Google Calendar, synchronization with previous apps, statistics and more.