Top 5 best free and paid equalizers for MAC

If you are a true music lover and you are here looking for equalizers for PC, it is because surely you are not only satisfied with listening to a good song but you would also love to give it your personal touch to improve the sound frequencies inside your iMac.

If you already have your headphones ready to listen to music, all you have to do is choose between one of the equalizer modes or manually play the surround sound, dynamic boost, bass boost… Download one of the best equalizers for MAC from this list.

1. eqMac

Possibly eqMc is one of the best equalizers you will ever use. This is a very robust tool and contains a very easy to use interface and you can try it in the “basic mode” where you will have functions to modify:

  • Volume
  • Balance
  • BASS
  • MID

On the other hand, you can also try the “Advanced Mode” with which you will be able to change through 10 different controls the frequencies directly and visualize the gain in each band. This is a free platform, but also includes the option to pay a PREMIUM subscription for more options.

2. Boom 3D

This is one of the most complete platforms to improve the sound of your favorite songs, it is very easy to use and excellent to modify the resonance of the headphones to your liking. It allows you quite interesting sound profiles to amplify the bass and highs as you prefer in tunes such as

  • electronica
  • rock
  • pop
  • instrumental
  • jazz
  • piano
  • acoustic
  • Gameplay
  • From the 60’s and many more.

This app has a pretty good 3D effect and a very easy to use music player , and regardless of the range of your headphones (high, medium or low) you can give a nice style to your melodies . We highly recommend this application because although it is paid, all its functions are worth a few bucks

3. Audio Hijack

Our third recommendation is an excellent equalizer that has multiple options that are worth despite being paid, with which you can improve the sound of your MAC notoriously and also enjoy features such as

  • Record audio from any app on your computer
  • Capture audio from the microphone or other sources
  • Get audios from streaming platforms, podcast or IP voice
  • Send high quality audios to Youtube, Facebook lite or Twitch.

It is a very useful and easy to use option in which you can get the most out of your MAC speakers with the possibility of modifying the TREBLE, the BASS or a balance adjustment for a very affordable price.

4. Sound Control

This application allows you to improve the audio of each of your applications independently and includes controls with keyboard shortcuts and a support (Touch Bar) for MacBooks. On the other hand, to start using it you need to install previously an Audio Driver Plugin to enjoy its best features such as

  • Placing an equalizer for the whole system or in a customized way for each app (Each one can contain between 10 and 31 bands)
  • Independent volume control for each platform
  • Adjust left and right balance for each app independently.
  • Volume controls from the keyboard and much more.

5. SoundSource

Our last recommendation is a paid platform that allows you to individually control the sound of each application within your MAC, as well as test its 10-band EQ and add effects to control the input and output sounds through a very easy to use menu.

It should be noted, that this is a slightly high priced option, however, you have the possibility to do a free trial to identify if you are willing to pay for its features for yourself