Top 10 free apps for downloading music on iPhone

Normally, there are many people who use music as an indispensable complement in their daily routines; being of vital importance in activities that require greater concentration such as sports, study or even work. Because of this, they use apps to download music; both on Android and iOS.

Therefore, it is no secret that downloading and storing songs on a mobile device is not only the most performed in the world, but also a task that can only be carried out through an application designed for it. And you like to enjoy your music during the day to day, today we will be recommending the 10 best apps to download music on iPhone; starting with.

1. Spotify

Spotify is currently one of the most used music platforms around the world, with which you can download music on your iPhone without any complications. It has a series of options and rates that will help you satisfy all your needs as a subscriber

In addition to this, it allows you to save your favorite songs, create playlists, share songs with your friends and family; know the name of the album and the collaborations of the artists who participated in each of the songs, among others. Besides, it also has the option of “Follow the artist”, which is simply an alert that notifies you when the artist shares a new song on the platform.

2. Apple Music

Apple Music is the default streaming music playback app for iPhone devices; if you still don’t know which app to use to download music on iPhone, this could be your best option. Unlike the app mentioned above, with Apple Music users need to pay a monthly fee according to the usage plan to which they are subscribed. That is, it does not have a free registration option, but it does have a free trial period

However, the excellence of its plans and everything it offers in each of them, has made its music platform one of the most used by Apple users. Among its benefits are: great audio quality, storage to play music without an internet connection; it guarantees that you can have access to downloaded music from any device, just by logging in, as well as providing you with intelligent suggestions of songs you might like.

3. Deezer

If you find the cost of the plans inconvenient, then we suggest Deezer; an application to download music on iPhone much cheaper and more accessible than those mentioned above. With it you can select your favorite playlist and download the songs as a whole and not separately; speeding up the process and reducing the amount of time spent on the task

It should be noted that the music will be saved within the application, so you will only have to access your account from any device and listen to it without any problems. On the other hand, within this app you will also be able to enjoy free songs, but not download them; among its advantages are that it has no limitations, it is secure, it uses an interface that resembles that of Spotify, and the sound quality of its songs is very high.

4. Amazon Music

With more than 75 million songs in its catalog, the Amazon Music platform stood out, since its early years, as one of the best apps to download music on iPhone. Therefore, if you have not yet downloaded it, this is your chance to learn a little more about the advantages of using its services

The sound quality that you can play reaches 24 bits and 192 kHz, it recommends music in a personalized way, based exclusively on your playlist. Its service includes the offline mode, with which you can download and listen to your songs without internet access, and from any mobile device. In addition, you can enjoy a one-month free trial period, where you can explore each of its functions in more detail.

5. Tidal

In Tidal you can not only have the function of downloading music of your choice on iPhone, but you can also view music videos and participate in exclusive events within the platform; something that undoubtedly makes a big difference from the apps already mentioned. It is important to note that this application requires a monthly payment to enjoy its services. However, it has a trial month function, with which you will have the opportunity to try the app for a month without spending a single euro

Among its features are: access to family plans, maximum audio quality of 24-Bit and 96kHz, personalized recommendations, music playback without internet access, songs with Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio, among others. In addition, it does not have an annual payment price for its service, that is, if you only want to enjoy the app to download music for 1 month, you will only have to pay for that month.

6. YouTube Music

With your subscription to YouTube Music you will have access to the “download” button on all the songs you want to have on your iPhone. You will also be able to enjoy music videos and music without ads; and in the background. That is, even if you close the application, the audio or video will continue to play.

It should be noted that one of the main qualities of Youtube Music is that it allows the subscriber to download and play music without an Internet connection Well, as you play songs and videos through the application with your Wifi signal, it will be automatically stored in your account. Therefore, you will have access to it during the time you use the app services, and with a maximum audio quality of 256 kbps.


Another of the best apps to download music on iPhone is QOBUZ, with it you can not only download the complete albums or playlists, but you will also become the owner of the songs to play them without limits, and enjoy an audio quality between 24 bits and 192 kHz

It also has benefits in common with other applications, and differs by having songs or exclusive content that is available only on the platform; as well as interactive articles; in addition to offering discounts on their downloads in Hi-Res. On the other hand, QOBUZ stands out for ensuring an audio quality very similar to that of a recording studio; its emblem is to offer a pleasant experience for those users who refer to the use of headphones.

8. Freegal Music

Freegal is an application to download music for free, that is to say, unlike those mentioned above; you will not have to pay any type of plan or subscription to enjoy the download option. Besides, you will be interested to know that this application has a total of 15 million songs. Therefore, you will have a large number of options to choose from to create your own customized playlist

On the other hand, it is important to mention that one of its most notorious differences with respect to other applications is that in Freegal Music you will have a news and novelties section, where you will know the most relevant updates about your favorite artists; you will even discover new singers to listen to or follow. In addition, it also has a “Featured” session, where the songs with the highest number of reproductions within the app are published.

9. MonkingMe

In this position, we have an application that stands out on iPhone for allowing you to download music without much difficulty. It is an app that will help you find and play all the content that is available in its library of songs. Not to mention that it is a platform that has a series of very popular genres, such as pop, rap and hip-hop, among others.

It is also an application that, unlike others, does not have a wide variety of songs available, but it will certainly be of great benefit if you are looking for apps to download music on iPhone without having to pay for it. It is important to note that it also offers a satisfactory sound quality, so we definitely recommend you to consider MonkingMe.

10. Napster

Finally, we have Napster, another good option if you want to download music on your iPhone easily. The application works by charging a monthly fee to the user. However, it also has a free trial period with which you can explore all the functions and benefits it guarantees

Among its features, it allows you to customize your playlist and each of the songs you listen to. In addition, it has an algorithm that will recommend music of your interest, and you can also follow your favorite artists and play all the new songs that are published on the platform.