Top 6 best live streaming software for Facebook free and paid

A streaming software or program is one of the most valuable links between the computer and the channel owner. Since it is in charge of processing each of the emitted signals; and forwards them to the viewers with absolute quality in both video and sound.

We have created a list to make live on Facebook, showing you in detail how they work, what are their advantages, disadvantages and how they differ from each other Take note! And let’s get started.

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1. Facebook Gaming of Facebook Live

The American giant could not miss in its own Top, and is presented to us with a proposal launched in 2018 for streaming focused on the world of video games Facebook Gaming; and which has been boosted incredibly after the purchase of Mixer.

Each of its functions has been designed exclusively for gamers, so it offers excellent integration with major companies in this world such as Xbox and PlayStation. In addition, it is a free platform for both streamers and viewers; and it does not add mandatory advertising, which makes it attractive compared to other services.

Moreover, the platform allows simultaneous broadcasts of several players in real time. This will allow viewers to watch several games at the same time.

However, to broadcast live you must use Facebook live, since this center works as an extension of it. However, with just one click you will be able to start broadcasting to millions of users while enjoying your favorite games.


  • It is a platform compatible with all types of devices (Tablets, smartphones and computers).
  • To stream from this platform you only need to download or install its official app.
  • Possibility to convert your donations or stars into real money.
  • It is a booming platform that is improving every day.


  • It is a platform that only allows streaming video games which limits its content

2. Open Broadcaster (OBS)

OBS is a free software that has been designed in a special way for the creation of streaming specialized in Facebook gaming, Twitch and Youtube. And it is totally open for any user who wants to share in real time their best hours inside a video game.

It has interesting options such as being able to record and leave a record of your live broadcast; and it is undoubtedly efficient in terms of its customization and simple interface. Just by looking at it, you will be able to identify each function to get the most out of the program.

Another of its main features is the ability to edit, mix and upload any video file. Not to mention that it has a wide variety of filters that will make your transmission more professional, unique and above all personal.

On the other hand, you can find in official sites and forums different plug-ins to increase the number of OBS functions.

Now then, we must take into account that to log in Twitch with our OBS; we must previously have a “Key to transmit or transmission key”. That as it changes periodically and automatically, it will have to be constantly updated every time we wish to broadcast through OBS.


  • It is a free software and is available for operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Comfortable and easy-to-use interface.
  • Despite its multiple parameters and functions, we only need to understand or use few of them; to broadcast our games through Twitch.
  • Easy capture from Sources through the main window of OBS Studio.


  • Lacks some valuable elements to stream such as: integrated chats, applications or importable themes (Although they can be added as add-ons, however,they have not been integrated within the main program; which can be awkward for someone new to the platform).

3. Wirecast

Wirecast is an advanced software that also allows us a simultaneous and live transmission within different platforms such as Twitch, Youtube live and of course Facebook Live. The latter gathers thousands and thousands of people and brands; so a professional broadcast is necessary, and Wirecast is just what is needed to achieve it.

It is possible to broadcast live and simultaneously from multiple platforms, or broadcast live from the circle of networks or social media, where it features numerous editing tools to make streamings rich in content and style.

It is ideal not only for live streaming, as it can serve as a tool for webinars and streaming sports and even educational videos. It basically turns your computer into a “TV studio”.

It has a pro version and a basic or free version, which has created a tiered system where Wirecast pro has all the features of the free version. And it is so much the professional level of both versions; that they have been awarded in prestigious events such as NAB 2019 with the Product of the year and best of show award.


  • It offers real-time broadcasting for both versions of the program.
  • Despite being one of the most professional programs on the list it remains flexible and easy to operate so a streaming beginner can use it without problems.
  • It allows you to record your sessions in high quality.
  • You can customize your streams quickly and easily.


  • It has a high cost of $599 (Although it only needs to be paid 1 time).
  • Users will not be able to see the live commentary while inside Wirecast.
  • You need to have a stable internet connection at all times.

4. Zoom

Zoom wirecast is a tool that gained widespread popularity during the recent confinement, and although it was used for video conferencing, it will soon allow meetings, webinars and of course live broadcasting via Facebook Live or YouTube.

This is how its free version allows streaming with up to 100 viewers for a time of 40 minutes; although this limit disappears when accessing the paid version or pro version.

An interesting point is the ability to save or store the recordings of each live broadcast in HD quality. While Zoom’s integration with Facebook is ideal for a much simpler login; since with an existing account in the popular social network you will be able to log in without creating a password.

Another interesting integration is with Facebook instant messaging, since Zoom allows you to see friends online, offline or enables the possibility of finding them by their names.

While its function to share in real time photos, documents, and even websites from any of your devices; make it a truly interesting alternative to broadcast live on Facebook much more professional and quality.


  • It is quite complete tool to broadcast through Facebook Live or do webinars
  • Save your transmissions in HD to upload, edit or use them later.
  • You can use a split screen while hosting a guest in our live.
  • Features 24/7 online support.


  • No scenes or videos can be added to the broadcast screen.
  • Its Premium version is quite expensive, and although it enables many interesting options, it costs more than $50 per month.
  • Its configuration is a little more complicated than that of other programs when broadcasting live streaming from Facebook.

5. StreamYard

StreamYard is a “freemium” tool specialized in the transmission of streaming videos through social networks; and has the characteristic that it works directly through the browser, which avoids the download and installation of programs or software for its operation.

Like most programs, there is a free version and a paid version. However, no matter which one you choose, its functions and possibilities have nothing to envy to other downloadable programs, with more renown or power.

Among its most eye-catching features is that of a retransmission in different social networks simultaneously, simple and fast; which gives it a really interesting extra plus. These functions make it easier to diversify the content of your transmission.

This is how you can also conduct interviews with multiple guests and add non-pixelated backgrounds for green screens, which in its Premium version can be completely customized by the administrator. All this with an easy to master interface and with what you need to make professional broadcasts without involving great effort or time.


  • You don’t have to worry about complex processes that always present videos and live broadcasts.
  • You can access StreamYard from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection; without having to install or download anything at all.
  • Interesting option to add or add your own branding; such as logos and even banners or calls to action.
  • You will be able to interact directly with the audience by responding to their comments or displaying them on screen.
  • It is a cross-platform streaming software that will not limit your content to a single channel.


  • One of its major limitations is the inclusion of the platform’s logo in your broadcasts(Free version only).

6. BeLive

BeLive is a free application ideal for broadcasting via Facebook live that allows a maximum of 2 live broadcasts per week for 20 minutes. All without the need to install programs; and only with a Facebook account you will have everything you need to access it.

On the other hand, there are many users who refer to this platform as one of the easiest to use and less technically demanding that exists so far. Although this does not limit its functions, as it allows webinars, interviews with up to 3 people or presentations of any product with just a couple of clicks; all without the need for expensive or too complex equipment.

However, if you want a much more flexible version of this program, you can get BeLive Lite for a convenient $15 subscription, which allows you to add your channel’s logo, highlight content on the screen while broadcasting or create a green background room with up to 10 guests during streaming.

It is also a web-based software that improves day by day through novel updates; so it can be used on any device that works through Windows operating systems.


  • It has an intuitive and easy interface so basically anyone can use it.
  • It is a multifunctional program with several options ideal for streamers who are just starting out.
  • Itdoes not require modern or too new equipment.


  • Its free version has a watermark and to remove it the BeLive Lite subscription must be cancelled.
  • Being a web-based service it is possible that it may present some errors unlike programs installed directly on the computer.