Top 10 Garena Free Fire mods to download for free

Garena Free Fire besides being the most downloaded mobile video game in 2019 is one of the many video games to which you can download mods to improve the experience of its most demanding and potential users; therefore we have selected for you the 10 best Garena Free Fire mods to download for free on your smartphone.

With these mods you will be able to discover and do thousands of things within the Garena Free Fire platform such as making your characters dance, improve the sight of your weapon to always shoot at the head of your enemies, run much faster within the map among others that we will show you and explain briefly below:

1. Free Fire Max

Free Fire Max is a great app ideal for Android devices with which you can enjoy the best graphics in video games like Free Fire. It should be noted that the game will be the same, except for some improvements such as image quality and many more as we will present below:

  • More customizable modes in “create your map”.
  • New weapon: Charge Buster.
  • Details in backpack weapons.

Although, if your smartphone is not able to resist the advanced graphics, you can still play with the normal version of Free Fire without any problem.

2. Macro Free Fire

The app Macro Free Fire has one of the best and most interesting advantages which allows you to use a series of tools and guides to help you win all the Free Fire battles you have to go through

With Macro Free Fire you have a wonderful menu with incredible maneuvers such as Auto Headshot, which is to automatically shoot at the head of your opponents or to increase the capacity of damage that can make your opponents the weapons you have.

3. Gloo Macro

Gloo Macro is one of the most powerful and necessary mods that Garena Free Fire users use, since it allows you to activate a large wall around you which will protect you from the attacks that your opponents make towards you, at the same time you will be able to defend yourself thanks to the security provided by your defensive shield. Gloo Macro also allows you to:

  • Shoot with greater precision.
  • Attack your opponents with accuracy.
  • Protect yourself from your enemies at all costs.

4. FFimotes Viewer

For those who love fun and details this app is ideal, because with it you can add dance steps, skins, emotes and a lot of other small details of the most popular battle royale games like the ones we will show you next:

  • Garena Free Fire.
  • Fortnite.
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

FFimotes Viewer offers you a large and extensive amount of dances and emotes in which you can have the freedom to choose the ones that catch your attention the most.

5. Nobita FF MOD

Considered one of the most successful mods, Nobita FF MOD offers you the opportunity to play with all the improvements, items and premium skins of the game without payinganything. With this wonderful tool you will be able to play and enjoy the advantages that we will show you below:

  • Players will be able to have all the items for the characters, regardless of whether they are paid or not.
  • You can activate and deactivate the automatic aimer, which will give you a better aim to kill your enemies by some part of their bodies or directly in the head.
  • You don’t need to subscribe and it can be used by any player.

6. FF Support Data

The perfect app for those who are starting or just starting to play Free Fire. If you are new to the game it would be a great help to have FF Support Data as it gives you much more of the help you normally need to get started in the world of Free Fire. Some of the main advantages of FF Support Data are the following:

  • On the map it shows you which are the best places to find the best resources.
  • Improve your shots to hit the target most of the time.
  • You can see through walls.
  • Players can run much faster than usual on the map.

7. Diamond Store

Getting free diamonds in Free Fire has never been easier. Now thanks to this amazing app Diamond Store you will be able to acquire diamonds within the platform in a very easy way. It is completely worth Diamond Store, in order to get diamonds you must participate in one of the mini-games offered by the game and win them

8. Antenna View

The best app you need to emerge victorious and have completely productive Free Fire battles. Antenna View is a mods which will put on each of your enemies an antenna which you can view from long distances and identify your teammates and differentiate them from your enemies.

It works to know exactly where your opponents are located and how and from what direction they can reach them to attack them, and it can also work to prevent your enemies from ambushing you by surprise.

9. Mambo Gamer

If you are interested in altering some of the essential values in a Free Fire battle, this is the mod you will need, because thanks to Mambo Gamer you will be able to activate some hidden options and increase amounts that will benefit you in any battle you encounter. Here are some of the main functions that you can change or activate with the help of Mambo Gamer:

  • Activate antennas on players’ heads.
  • Increase the speed of the players.
  • You will be able to go through walls.
  • High quality graphics.

10. Booyah!

Thanks to Booyah! you will be able to broadcast your Free Fire games and other video games as many times as you want, besides, in Booyah! you will be able to interact with new users interested in the same video game topic. Some of the most outstanding functions of the platform are the following:

  • You can watch and broadcast short videos of Free Fire games as well as other games.
  • You can send the videos to other platforms such as YouTube Gaming or Facebook Gaming.
  • It allows you to share your videos on social networks in order to attract more and new users.