Top 10 music bots for Discord free and paid

Music bots for Discord are an essential addition to your server. With these you will be able to play songs for all the chat participants just by executing some commands. The best thing about these tools is that they can search for content on famous platforms such as YouTube or Spotify, where you can find the best (and free) music.

On the other hand, with so many bots out there, knowing which one is the right one is not an easy task. However, in this article we give you a detailed guide to the best music bots to use on your Discord servers.

1. FredBoat

FredBoat is one of the most complete and popular music bots in all of Discord, being used on up to 4 million servers to date. It allows you to play songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, Twich, Vimeo and Bandcamp in the best audio quality and totally free.

On the other hand, it also has a great variety of commands and configuration options that you can consult in its official documentation. Without any doubt, FredBoat is the best free music bot for Discord at present.

2. Chip

Another bot to place music on Discord with the trust of thousands of users is Chipwhich will help you play content from YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Bandcamp and Mixer. Additionally, it also includes 180 radio stations that you can listen to live.

This music bot has a very complete set of commands, with which you can perform all kinds of actions to control the playback of songs. It is worth saying that Chip is totally practical without the need to pay for anything, however, it also offers the possibility of becoming premium to have certain additional benefits.

3. Jockie Music

Jockie Music it acts as 4 music bots for Discord in one. The concept of this tool came about back in the day when you had to install several music bots; one for each channel on the server. But doing this is no longer necessary, as Jockie Music can replicate itself to serve multiple channels simultaneously and independently.

Now, in the free version you can use 4 bots of different colors for your server, but if these are not enough, you can always join the Jockie Music patreon to get up to 100 more bots and a host of additional features.

4. Ayana

The Ayana bot is easy to set up and start using on any server. Just invite the Discord music bot to your community and install it; immediately after that you can ask it to play any song from YouTube, Spotify, SounCloud or Twitch.

Another peculiarity of Ayana is that it allows you to react to songs posted by other members of the server, as well as send memes and stickers. Best of all, you will be able to interact with the bot in Spanish when asking for songs, since it is multilingual.

5. Hydra

Hydra is a new Discord music bot that is gaining more and more relevance. It is a very complete option, with different commands for all the members of the community; for the admin and the DJ of the server. It allows to queue songs, repeat them indefinitely, add, remove and move music or even see their lyrics, among many other actions.

All these features belong to the free version of Hydra, and you can get more by accessing their payment plans. It should be noted that they offer a 50% discount to new users, in case you are interested in purchasing a premium plan.

6. MEE6

MEE6 has a slightly different way of working than the previous options. It has a visual panel where you can control everything without learning multiple commands; you can choose songs, create playlists, record music, among many other things.

This is undoubtedly one of the most complete music bots for Discord, with which you can take songs from the main platforms; YouTube, SoundCloud and Twitch. With so many functions offered by MEE6, it is not surprising that it has more than 12 million installations.

7. Dyno

Dyno is a Discord bot to moderate your server and manage data with several functions to play music. You will be able to play songs from different platforms, send reactions and memes to your colleagues and so on; as with the previous options.

On the other hand, it also has several commands to moderate; from muting and banning members, to sending warnings and giving rules to users. So, if you were looking for a music bot for Discord and another one for administration, with Dyno you will have these two in one.

8. Vexera

Similar to the previous option, Vexera is a multipurpose bot with a fairly substantial list of music functions. Among other notable qualities, we note that you can skip between songs, create queues and playlists, view lyrics or even ask the audience to vote between removing or dropping a track.

It will also be possible to create up to two instances of this music bot for Discord to use in different channels. The only point against Vexera is that its free version is quite limited, so you may have no choice but to become a premium user.

9. dabBot

dabBot is another music bot for Discord that supports different platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch,, SoundCloud and Discord.FM. It also allows you to stream over 1000 radio stations to your servers or play an MP3 file with a direct link.

It also provides support for playlists and a large number of commands. However, several of these functions are not available in the free version and you will have to become a dabBot Patreon to access them.

10. 24/7

The last music bot in this top is 24/7the last music bot in this top is: you may not have heard of this one, as it is not as popular as the previous ones. However, it is as worthwhile as the others, especially for features such as “Autoplay”, which recommends and plays songs automatically, based on tastes from previous playlists.

However, like dabBot and Vexera, the free version of this music bot for Discord is very limited and most features are only available to premium users.