Top 10 best programs for mixing music

Are you looking for dJ software are you a music lover looking to take your first steps towards the great dream of becoming a DJ? Do you want to try new ideas from the comfort of your home and get professional results every time?

Well, we have great news for you! Thanks to technology, you don’t need anything more than a PC or laptop to create your own mixes. That’s why today we bring you this list of the best music mixing software available today, so you can make tweaks, explore ideas or practice endlessly until you refine your style, without the need for large investments or expensive specialized equipment

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1. Virtual DJ

The most recognized of all has two versions, a free one for you to try and take your first steps, and a paid one with lots of tools. Among its main features, in addition to the common functions, are:

  • Mix up to 99 simultaneous tracks.
  • Time and pitch adjustment.
  • Scratch with the mouse cursor.
  • Record mp3 directly to cd.
  • Stream online via YouTube or networks.
  • Works in conjunction with other DAWs.
  • Compatible with mixers and controllers
  • Sandbox mode.
  • Available for Windows and Mac.

2. MixVibes Cross

Excellent software package with features that have nothing to envy to the rest of the list. It has 2 versions:

  • Cross DJ free: has the basic features such as 3-band EQ, AutoSync, playlist creation, BPM & Key detection.
  • Cross DJ 4 Pro: Customizable, Audio FX, integration with Ableton and SoundCloud Go+.

And the highlight of this program, apart from its low cost, is that you can manage it remotely thanks to its versions for Android and iOS. It is available for Windows and Mac.

3. Serato DJ

A veteran application that has great features compared to its competitors:

  • Large amount of sound FX available.
  • Effects chaining.
  • Automatic or manual BPM adjustment.
  • MIDI support.
  • Beat Jumper.
  • Slicer.
  • 32 samples.
  • Compatibility with controllers and mixers.
  • Available for Windows and Mac.

It also has two Lite versions: free, and a paid version, as well as a series of expansion packs to extend its features such as video mixing.

4. YouDJ

Here we find a totally free alternative, which also has versions for Android, iOS and can even be used from the browser on its official website. Perfect for beginners, it has the basic functions of all mixing software such as:

  • Automatic mixing.
  • 18 Sound FX.
  • 84 samples.
  • Looper.
  • Scratch.
  • Integration with SoundCloud and other platforms.
  • Mix recording.
  • +20 million songs available.
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook.

5. Mixxx

Powerful Open Source and free program, suitable for professionals and amateurs, with a set of features that undoubtedly make it an excellent choice:

  • MIDI support.
  • 4 simultaneous decks.
  • Auto DJ.
  • AutoSync.
  • Samples.
  • Support for controllers and mixers.
  • Sound FX.
  • Looper & Hot cues
  • ITunes integration.
  • Multiple audio formats support.
  • BPM & Key sync – detection.
  • Vinyl simulation.
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Also, if you are good at programming you can modify it and add features, contributing to the community of developers that keeps this project going.

6. DJ Mixer Express

This is a paid program that has a simple, practical interface and is designed to make mixes quickly without so many adjustments, which makes it particularly ideal for amateurs and novices. Among the functions it handles, the following stand out:

  • AutoMix.
  • Looper & Cue.
  • Vinyl simulation.
  • Pitch and BPM adjustment.
  • Automatic gain.
  • Keylock.
  • Pre-listening.
  • Available for Windows and Mac.

7. Ableton live

This powerful DAW not only allows the creation and production of music, but also makes it possible to mix tracks with functions very similar to those provided by other programs. Its strength lies in the creation of music and recording of professional quality, with:

  • +1500 sounds available.
  • 21 Sound FX.
  • Recording in 16 tracks.
  • MIDI support.
  • Plugins and libraries to expand its functionality.
  • Available for Windows and Mac.

In addition, other programs (some included in this list) can be integrated with Ableton to expand the possibilities of mixing and track creation.

8. Traktor Pro 3

Created by Native Instruments, this application has high quality functions and tools, and its very careful modular design allows it to be used by both professionals and novices without any problem. In addition to the basic functions, well covered with powerful algorithms, it features:

  • VST effects
  • 4 configurable Decks.
  • 40 Deck FX and mixer FX
  • MIDI support
  • Ableton link
  • Support for controllers, consoles, mixers
  • Customizable interface.
  • BPM & Key detection.
  • Available for Windows and Mac.

9. Rekordbox DJ (PC/Mac)

Pioneer’s proposal, more focused on the management and analysis of your tracks and playlists, has connection to the cloud, and comes in four versions to choose from according to our needs and our pocket:

  • Free: basic functions, library management, lighting equipment, export mode and DJ control.
  • Core: Adds functions for performance(Mixing), DJM effects, DVS control.
  • Creative: Adds functions for Video & Lyrics, sequencer, RMX effects, edit mode, vocal position detection, Cloud library sync.
  • Professional: Cloud with unlimited storage, library backup, auto upload.

Available for Windows and Mac.

10. MAGIX Digital DJ (PC/Mac)

Finally, we bring you this program that stands out for being simple yet complete in terms of functions, ideal for beginners, with a clear interface without an overload of elements. Among its features you will find:

  • Advanced loop system.
  • Virtual instruments.
  • AutoMix.
  • Scratching.
  • Compatibility with controllers.
  • 8 sample slots.
  • Sound FX.
  • Smart library.
  • ITunes integration.
  • Available for Windows and Mac.

It is a good alternative to its more expensive peers such as Traktor or MixVibes. In addition, it has the possibility of expanding its functionality through plugins and add-ons.