Top 9 best free and paid Overlays for Twitch, OBS and Streamlabs

If you are a gamer or video game player who performs live broadcasts, people can watch you play through different applications. In Twitch is very common to see these transmissions, fortunately came the Overlays to give you more presence in this network, even if you are a beginner.

For this we leave you some tips on what are the best Overlays for you to browse Twitch, OBS and Streamlabs with the best interface. From free backgrounds to have a minimum quality scenario, to those of payment to acquire one of great aesthetics.

1. and Own3D

Own3D considered one of the best Streaming sites for video games to make your stay on Twitch the most enjoyable. You can also get these Overlays for Facebook and YouTube, several are free, but you must pay for the Premium category.

You can also make use of Overlays filters either by color or by game you can get:

  • Twitch Overlays for Webcam
  • Twitch Overlays for Master package
  • Twitch Overlays for Dialog Displays
  • Animated Twitch Overlays
  • Twitch Overlays Banners

2. Nerd or Die

Nerd or Die is a platform that also designs alerts and Overlays for their Twitch site and they went from strength to strength. They started through a series of tutorials. Then it stood out as a brand of developing tutorial designs and Live Streaming.

3. Strexm

If you are looking for free content Strexm is the free content site you need for Twitch. The famous Dark Matter overlay is trending as the most downloaded by streamers. With cheerful font and red and black design.

4. Zerging

Zerging is another website that has a wide range of overlays, among their downloads we can see different types of game and genre, so you can choose the one that best suits your way of streaming.

5. Twitch Overlays

Already its name encourages users to search for Twitch Overlays, but in addition, they also serve other sites such as Beam and YouTube. It has customizable Streaming, however, it is a premium category that can be used by the most detailed (and those who pay).

See all the available content by accessing its official website.


WDFLAT is an ideal website for streamers that provides content from YouTube and Twitch Gaming. Several of these are:

  • Stream Overlay
  • Twitch Panel
  • YouTube Banner
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • Sports Logo

7. Twitch Temple

It is a digital platform that provides both free and paid Overlays, as well as alerts, logos, graphics and many more. If you are looking for a larger package of animated Overlays, you must pay between 3 dollars and 20 dollars. They have a huge library to choose from.

Currently the website has become part of Nerd or die, so all of their designs we can find them here.

8. Visuals by Impulse

We move on to talk about Visuals by Impulse if you are looking for a larger package of at least 36 Overlays, this website offers them for free, including panels and Twitch packages very nice and good interface.

9. Stream Play

At StreamPlay they take care of designing prefabricated and customized graphics for the streamer family. With an attractive visual, because this is key if you want to be very busy in your channel

Like some of the previous websites, here we can find overlays as well as alerts, banners, transitions, start and end stream panels, among others.

What is an overlay?

It is a term widely used to describe the overlay, or advertising superimposed over the videos when they are played and show certain information. This information is intended to draw the attention of some companies to be interested in the content of these.

One of the digital platforms that use Overlays is YouTube because it shows this type of advertising during the video, even before they play.

How to accompany an Overlay to work with your audience?

The idea of these Overlays is to increase the number of views, for this to happen, the content must be of high quality. But to ensure a smooth transmission, you must study the minimum requirements of your computer and its components.

  • The gamers headphones are one of the components that stand out the most in the daily use of the streamer. Good headphones will help the live stream to work better, the streamer to work more comfortably and at the same time to enjoy a good sound quality.
  • Streaming generally seeks to eliminate noise, so you will have to work well on the environment around you, the microphone you use and its placement. Do some research on the anti-pop filter its use will save you headaches.
  • Good recording lighting is a must. In the absence of natural light you will need spotlights to illuminate certain parts of your small corner to make direct.
  • A good gamer room will always help the stream stand out. Use lights that identify you and always use the same ones both live and on social networks.
  • We recommend the use of acoustic foam to decorate the walls of the streamers. In addition, they will increase the acoustic quality when you do a live performance.