The 8 best PS2 emulators to play on phones

Sony is one of the most valued companies in the gaming industry. For many years it has been in charge of developing a large number of video game consoles, being the PS2 the most remembered and purchased by gamers. Many of us have wished to be able to play those old PS2 classics on our phones and thanks to the technological advancement we are living, today it is a reality.

Renowned games like GTA San Andreas, God of War or Resident Evil 4, are now available for you and your Android. Buthow can I play them on my phone? It’s very simple for that we will need an emulator. Here we have brought you a list of the best PS2 emulators to play on your mobile, just evaluate the features offered by each one and download the one you prefer.

What is the best PS2 emulator to play on Android?

Keep in mind, that if you want to get the most out of the emulator you choose, your cell phone must meet certain characteristics that will allow a better experience. A good processor, enough RAM memory and available free space are some of the installation requirements. Likewise, many mid-range phones can support most of the games in the PS2 catalog.

1. DamonPS2

This emulator is the perfect choice if you want to get started, as its developers claim that it can run up to 90% of the available PS2 games smoothly and without slowdowns. To enjoy a better experience, it is recommended that your mobile has a Snapdragon 835 processor.

You can easily download it from the Play Store and use the free or paid version. Generally speaking, both versions are very good. The paid option does not show you ads, you can record games or save yourself on a memory card

2. RetroArch

It is an excellent choice for multi-console emulators, it is the one with the best compatibility with the oldest consoles, from the classic GBA to the PS2. It provides a highly optimized gaming experience compared to other emulators, being the favorite of many

Its modular structure allows users to download each system individually as if it were a complement, this is a differentiating plus with other PS2 game emulators. These are the most relevant features.

  • Several menus to choose from.
  • Allows you to download programs (kernels) directly from the internet.
  • Multiplayer network games.
  • You can take screenshots, quick saves and more.

3. Gold PS2 Emulator

It may not be one of the best known emulators, but its speed and simplicity when running games are among the best. Its compatibility with PS2 joysticks increases the user experience. A clear advantage is the possibility of running games from simple formats such as ZIP, RAP and 7Z.

This application does not require BIOS files for its correct execution, so any Android user can download it. It is not found in the Play Store, but you can download its APK and enjoy this tool without problems.

4. PCSX2 PS2 Emulator

It is an excellent application to emulate your PS2 games on cell phones and tablets. You can find its APK download on many secure sites on the internet, you can even enjoy PS1 games.

You need to have an Android operating system 4.2 or higher for proper operation. This app allows you a more personalized experience compared to other emulators, you can make fine adjustments of resolution, audio and video. It is compatible with more than 1500 games developed for PS2 which expands your fun possibilities even more.

5. AetherSX2

It is one of the most recent emulators available in the Play Store. The compatibility of its formats, the option to save games and its excellent speed have positioned it as one of the best at present, receiving excellent reviews from users.

The negative point of AetherSX2 is that you will need a good phone with a processor equivalent to the Snapdragon 835 for optimal performance. Here are some of the new features.

  • It contains a simulation system.
  • A 1080p gaming resolution and more.
  • It contains widescreen patches for unsupported games.
  • It has touch screen support and bluetooth controller.

6. PPSS2

It is another clear option to emulate PS2 classics. It is an emulator that provides an experience a little more real than in the same original video game console, its interface is practical control which increases its simplicity. Unfortunately, it has no download link in the Android Play Store, but you can easily locate it through its APK on the web

7. Play!

This is another of the newest emulators on the market. Despite that, Play has certain features that make it look attractive to gamers. Being completely free, lightweight and receiving regular updates, many users have decided to use it.

It should be noted that its list of games is somewhat limited, many titles work perfectly while others generate some failures, together with the few configuration options it offers. In the same way, it is a very recent emulator, its developers have been correcting and improving these details.

8. PSP/PS2 Emulator

This amazing Android emulator allows you to live the same experience of Sony PSP and PS2. It is very well optimized and has a wide compatibility with video games from both consoles. No matter what your Android device is, it will still benefit from excellent speed.

  • It adapts to various file formats, ZIP, IZO, 7Z, IMG, PBG and many more.
  • Excellent game controller.
  • Contains support for online gaming, with very good graphics and sound quality.
  • Allows you to save and load game information easily.