The 10 best ROM sites to download free games

Despite the rapid evolution of video games that made hyperrealism and complex stories possible, some people still prefer the so-called “Classics”. Those games a couple of decades old that marked the childhood of those who were already gamers at the time of Super Mario 64, TMNT and Megaman. As they are no longer for sale, the only way to play these titles again is by resorting to pages to download free ROMs.

These websites publish copies of video games that you can run on your computer with the help of an emulator. There are many websites where you can download these files, here are the best ones.

1. Emuparadise

Emuparadise freeroms has everything a retro gamer is looking for; not only ROMs of old video games, but also their corresponding emulators. It should be noted that they have a very well organized web interface, where titles are classified by genre and console they belong to.

Similarly, its design is characterized by being simple and easy to use for anyone, and best of all, it is not plagued with advertising as if they are other similar websites. On the other hand, more than a site to download free ROMs, Emuparadise is also a community of classic video game fans, with its own forum and Discord chat that you can join right now.

2. RomsWorld

RomsWorld is strongly oriented to Nintendo video games, offering the most important classics of this brand, such as Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, among many others.

This site has a “Top Roms” section where they list video game series best rated by users. Also, it has very well classified their ROMs according to the consoles for which they were designed, so you can go directly to the titles you are interested in.

3. CoolRom

The next web portal in this list is CoolRom which stands out as one of the most popular and best recommended free ROM and emulator download sites. It offers video games from an infinite number of consoles of yesteryear, which you can run on modern operating systems such as Windows 10, Mac or even Android.

Another interesting detail of this website is that it has its own news section, in which they announce their new releases and updates. In short, CoolRom is one of the most complete options, and best of all, they have an attractive web design and low levels of advertising.

4. The Old Computer

The Old Computer has one of the largest databases of old video games on the Internet. With more than 460 thousand titles for a total of 508 systems; on this page to download free ROMs you are likely to find any classic you are interested in.

It is worth saying that this site has a search bar with which you can quickly check if they have any titles. However, if you are not sure which game to download first, we remind you that The Old Computer has a “Popular ROMs” section, where you can find the best suggestions from the community.

5. RomUlation

The first thing you will notice when you enter RomUlation is its search bar and its video game sections for each console, which allow you to quickly browse through the page’s content. Thanks to this website, you will be able to play the best and most classic Nintendo, Play Station, Sega or Dreamcast titles.

Currently this page to download free ROMs offers more than 27 thousand video games. On the other hand, it should be noted that in RomUlation they take security as a top priority, that is why all their files are thoroughly checked to ensure that they do not contain malware.

6. The ROM Depot

Among the best pages for downloading ROMs, we could not miss The ROM Depot which stands out for offering a huge variety of video games; more than 600 thousand titles as of today. However, a big disadvantage of this website is that you must register before you can download any file.

The ROM Depot is quite striking for its modern and minimalist interface, where you can browse through several categories and filter titles, consoles and emulators by their initial letter. In addition, you can contribute to make this website even bigger by uploading any ROM you have at your disposal.

7. Emulator Zone

To be honest, the interface of Emulator Zone is not one of the best, since, besides being in English, it is certainly complex to understand. Despite this, this website has a fairly considerable list of old games, so it definitely deserves a place among our pages to download free ROMs.

Most of the video games you will find in this portal belong to the Nintendo brand, although there are also games for Xbox, PlayStation and Sega. You can also download the emulators and frontends you need directly from this website.

8. LoveRoms

LoveRoms, which calls itself the website for those who love ROMs, has thousands of classic video games that you can’t miss. They also offer the necessary emulators to run those games, as well as some other BIOS system for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Gameboy, among others.

Just like the previous options, this one has its own search tool, with which you can quickly check if they have what you need. In terms of interface, although it is not a very complete website and it is only available in English, everything on this free ROMs website is well organized.

9. Gamulator

One of the most characteristic aspects of Gamulator is its user-friendly interface, which is available in several languages and with multiple navigation functions. Likewise, this website offers thousands of free ROMs to download, each one with their respective images useful to know or estimate the theme of the title.

On the other hand, if you are not quite sure how to install these ROMs and run them on the emulator, this website offers detailed instructions on how to do it. Finally, Gamulator has a page where you can search through classic video games using tags such as “Horror” or “Science Fiction”.

10. Freeroms

We finish this list of the best sites to download free ROMs with Freeroms where you will have access to thousands of games for Nintendo, PlayStation, Gameboy, Sega and many other systems. Although this website does not offer as many ROMs as the previous ones, they do have the most essential classics.

On the other hand, a great point in favor of Freeroms is that it has absolutely no advertising. In addition to that, its website has a very modern and simple to use interface.