The best 10 sites royalty free music for Twitch

It is important to know the alternatives that allow streaming music without copyright, especially when it comes to Twitch. One of the fundamental problems of Twitch is that it detects copyright and mutes the streaming recording and can even establish some kind of sanction to the streamer.

Even if you have the permissions to play an artist’s album, the Twitch bot mutes the videos until it proves that you have the rights and permissions to play. Most streamers do not have the paid option on Twitch to play music, so they have to resort to free music without copyright. If you are one of those who have chosen this option we leave you below 10 sites you can get it from.

1. Twitch music library

Twitch has an extensive and ever-growingmusic library that gives streamers the ability to use music during broadcasts. This music option is supported by independent record labels.

Also, what better than to support independent artists who seek to make themselves known through such a platform. In this way, both get benefits. To access this library just go to

2. Soundcloud

Soundcloud isa tool aimed especially at musicians who want to disseminate their works, but also at those people who want to share sound files. This social network allows users to perform different actions on published sound files. The actions they can perform range from spreading these files on social networks to adding audio notes related to the piece of music.

The tool is characterized for being useful when creating podcasts of lessons, comments or projects that will be consulted later. It also works very well in tasks or exams related to music teaching, as well as in the study of foreign languages, since it serves as a support when practicing the pronunciation of some texts.

To register you must go to the main page and fill in the requested data. Once the registration is done, you can enter the Soundcloud user panel and start listening to audios from all the channels you want.

3. Soundstripe

Soundstripe offers a service that allows you to subscribe for a small monthly or annual payment in order to have access to music that can be used in all kinds of works. This tool has a database that is growing all the time and when you enter the page it is possible to see songs and composers that we want to include in our playlist.

The sounds can be listened to without prior payment, but if we want to use them, then it is necessary to pay the subscription. Every time a song is downloaded for final use from the site, there is no need to pay to keep it there. Likewise, the songs qualified for use in projects created while part of the platform will always have a legal license.

To use the platform you need to pay a subscription, which will give you access to 5,000 songs available for use in your videos. This means that you would have the legal right to monetize your videos using this copyright-free music.

4. Pretzel

The platform Pretzel is characterized for being the first in the world to provide secure music for the use of live broadcasts. It offers artists and labels the possibility to expose their music to millions of listeners through live streams.

This service features fully licensed music streaming for those who create content that they then stream through platforms like Twitch. Its technology takes care of providing a solution to the complexities of licensing music from different parties. It also pays royalties to rights holders.

It is possible to access this platform through a monthly premium subscription that offers more than 5000 tracks for use both on Twitch and other social networks. Such subscription can be cancelled at any time.

5. Freemusicarchive

The Free Music Archive platform is designed to let you download royalty-freemusic for both videos and podcasts completely free of charge. This is one of the web options with the largest number of songs and music genres to be used.

To use the platform it is necessary to mention the artist to whom the piece of music you want to link to belongs. The music you can download is free and of high quality.

6. Twitch FM on Spotify

Twitch FM spotify is a music library that is supported by several independent labels and gives any artist the possibility to collaborate with their tracks so that they can set the mood for streaming.

It is one of the most used options for Twitch streamings and has at least 2500 songs. The long playlist is fully licensed and can be used during online games. In addition, the tracks offered range from electronic for video games to styles like breakbeat.

Subscribing is very simple, just go to Spotify and click on Your library. Now, all you have to do is follow the steps that are indicated. If you opt for the Premium option, you have a free month’s trial.t

7. YouTube channels

YouTube offers a large number of videos that can be used in your streams. Searching for these videos is very easy, as you just have to search for “Music for Twitch” and select one of the lists that pop up.

  • MrSuicideSheepthis is a channel specialized in electronic music, although it also has songs of various genres. Thanks to its repertoire, it is excellent as a musical background when streaming on Twitch.
  • NoCopyrightSoundsanother option is the NoCopyrightSounds channel, which collects various royalty-free playlists. You can use them without problems when you make your live broadcasts.

8. Machinimasound

Machinimasound is a platform that is responsible for providing music and sounds of the best quality in a simple way. This, in 2012, released the first album with 10 tracks, which was characterized by being Premium. Then, in 2013, the commercial library was expanded and through its composers they took forward the development of an e-commerce website.

Thanks to Machinimasound’s proposal it is now possible to access authentic music for a modest and unique price, as well as licenses on the website itself.

9. Popskyy

Popskyy is an application available free of charge for content creators. The music available on this platform, as a rule, is heard on Twitch broadcasts.

On the platform it is possible to find remixes of different songs, all made by artists within the community.

10. Jamendo

Jamendo Music is an application that allows free access to streaming and downloads of an extensive catalog of songs.

Through the featured list, Jamendo gives the user the opportunity to listen to albums, as well as the songs of the most popular artists. The search is done through a section designed for users to find everything they want from their favorite artist.

The songs in this application are available for free, just click on them. It is important to highlight that this application also includes several radio stations.

With this list you already have everything you need to not violate any of the platform’s rules. Bet on royalty-free music and make your transmissions have greater reach.