Download Cuphead APK for Android free

Cuphead and Mugman are two brothers who have bet against the Devil and lost. Now they have to recover their souls and to do so they will embark on a crusade that will take them through different worlds and will make them face different enemies.

This is the argument of Cuphead Mobile, adaptation of the PC and console video game that has been designed with the aesthetics of classic cartoons like those of the early days of Disney. It is a 2D platform game with shoot’em up type action that is very fun and whose mechanics and gameplay is reminiscent of the titles of always, those of arcade machines.

The original game was released in 2017 and was a critical and sales success. That yes, it is a beta version so if you install the APK you may notice that it is not as stable as it should be. We’ll have to wait for a stable version to be released but in the meantime we can entertain ourselves with this one.

How to download Cuphead APK for Android

It is very simple and we explain it step by step:

  1. Download the APK Cuphead file from our website. We always have the latest version.
  2. If you download it from your PC you will have to transfer it to your mobile using a USB cable or uploading the file to the cloud and downloading it from your device. If you download it from your mobile you just have to go to the download folder in your file manager.
  3. Once in the mobile, click on the Cuphead Apk and wait for it to run. Accept the installation and that’s it.
  4. If you get an error either when downloading or installing it, you will have to activate the option of unknown origins in the settings section.
  5. Ready, to play the version of Cuphead for Android.

Cuphead Beta APK Features

  • Graphics equal to PC graphics
  • Runs on any version of Android kitkat or higher
  • Updated as of today
  • Achievements available

Minimum requirements Cuphead APK

  • Android 5.0+(Recommended)
  • 1.5 GB RAM
  • SnapDragon 450 processor 1.8 GHz
  • Mid-range devices and up

Changes list (Beta 6 and 6.1 Cuphead Mobile)

  • Added Clip Joint Calamity
  • Added Mausoleum
  • Added Super Art I
  • Improvements to Cuphead animations
  • Added Cuphead 8way shooting
  • Improvements in Floral Fury (harder)
  • More particles added
  • Acorn Maker now works on Run n’ Gun
  • Improved Pause, nothing moves anymore while the game is paused
  • Parry improved, like in the original game (more difficult)
  • Fixed several bugs (see discord server)
  • Optimization improvements
  • Power, Shooter and Super Art selection menu
  • Functional save system
  • Results screen at the end of each level
  • New movement controls
  • Red or yellow flag depending on the score obtained in each boss
  • Added HEART Extra Hit Point in the store
  • Complete tutorial
  • Corrected tutorial lyrics
  • Contracts added
  • Delete game now works correctly
  • Added SPREAD SHOOT in the store
  • Brief pause when doing a parry (As in the original game)
  • Cuphead animation when crouching
  • Credits screen
  • Airplane tutorial
  • Improved Goopy
  • Improvements in the level selection map, with respect to controls and bugs.
  • Camera movement in all levels
  • Adjustments now ingame
  • New ingame contrast adjustment
  • Screen changes in the game information screen New ingame contrast setting
  • Run n’ Gun improvements
  • All options in the game menu Improved ingame animations
  • Improved Cuphead’s animations on the map
  • More sounds added
  • More waiting time in Cagney before doing the upper or lower face attack
  • Parrys now fill in the cards for super beam
  • Announcements removed
  • Death music same as original
  • Improvements in the piranha plant in Run N’ Gun
  • Ex move same as PC
  • Studio MDHR intro added to the game
  • More announcer sounds
  • Closed bridges at the beginning of the game
  • Parry in Goopy