Download Gacha Universal APK free for Android

Gacha games have been a resounding success during the current year, with sought-after titles like Gacha Club already exceeding 50 million downloads on Google Play Apparently a simple reason, being able to create, dress, customize and show on stage your own characters to thousands and thousands of users.

So if you are a fan of this type of games, we want to introduce you to Gacha Universal in its latest APK version and completely free.Let’s get started!

What is Gacha Universal?

Alright, Gacha Universal is a MOD for Gacha Club, just like Gacha Redux mod which allows you to create a variety of colorful characters with a simply unique anime style. And even though it is a modified edition of the original game; it is a totally safe APK so you won’t run any risk of damaging or suspending your accounts by using it.

Once you install it, you will have access to thousands of clothes, hairstyles, weapons, add-ons, varied items, backgrounds, pets and much more. Not to mention some additional features such as the inclusion of up to 90 famous characters from the game such as: The Gacha Djs, Charlotte or Luni.

To this we can add extra customization options such as the possibility of playing mini-games, musical battles, and of course! The famous PvP battles

Features Gacha Universal Mod

  • It is a 100% safe MOD version.
  • It includes the 10 classic characters plus 90 extras (All modifiable).
  • Each object and feature is customizable in both style and color
  • Integrates studio mode for the creation of scenarios with varied skies and props to bring your own story to life.
  • Import and export any character and share it with your friends.
  • Enjoy multiple mini-games and role-playing games.
  • Access to autoplay games.
  • 100% free apk.
  • Extremely simple, fluid and easy to understand controls.
  • Attractive and eye-catching interface.

How to download Gacha Universal APK for Android

  1. Enter the updated and virus free link for Gacha Universal.
  2. Wait for the download to finish automatically and install it like any other app.
  3. If you use a computer to download, you must then transfer the file to an Android device or Emulator.
  4. If you use an Android device and being an APK file, you must search inside the downloads folder through the file manager

What do you need to play Gacha Universal from your mobile?

  • In order to install Gacha Universal APK you need an Android device with an operating system 5.0 or higher.
  • You must have a free space on your device between 162 MB and 163 MB.
  • As it is an APK it will need “files of unknown origin” permissions so you must grant them or it will not be installed