How to download and install Macro Free Fire APK in Android

Free Fire is the battle royale video game with the highest number of downloads in the world, which is why the number of active users at any time of the day is considerable. Consequently, new members in a game will always have to lose against opponents with more experience and skills when using the game controls.

For this reason, there is the Macro Free Fire tool. It is an APK that you have to download and that will help you if you are new to the video game. Below we tell you how to access it and everything you need to know.

What is Macro for Free Fire?

Macro Free Fire is a downloadable tool whose main objective is to help novice players or those with little skill in the game. How does it achieve this? Basically, the function of Macro for Free Fire is to simplify the use of the controls, allowing the user to increase the number of kills and enjoy a more glorious game experience.

On the other hand, it can be noted that by downloading Macro for Free Fire the player will be able to perform higher jumps, run faster, or even have a lower data consumption in each game

Undoubtedly, it is considered an advantage for those players who have a smartphone with a lower range than others and require a little help to keep up with others when playing.

Requirements to install Macro Free Fire

It is essential, that before installing this tool, the player takes into account the following requirements to install Macro Free Fire on your Android. Since, this will depend on this that the download and installation or execution of the same can be performed successfully.

Now, among the features or minimum requirements that your smartphone must meet to be able to run the app are:

  • Android 5.0 operating system or higher.
  • At least 10 MB of space in the device’s internal memory.
  • Enable the “Install files from unknown sources” permission. Settings>Applications>apps permission.

Download Macro Free Fire APK

Now, downloading the Macro Free Fire APK is an action that is easy to perform, and it is certainly completely safe as long as you use a link from a verified portal. Below is a link that you can use to get the APK; just click on it and it will send you to the download area.

How to use Macro Free Fire on Android?

Using Free Fire macro on Android is very simple, and to start this gaming experience, you just need to wait for the application to install completely, then open it and continue with the steps or settings you need to make to improve your gaming experience:

  1. Open Octopus.
  2. Click on Free Fire to start.
  3. Go to CUSTOM HUD.
  4. Select on the Octopus image that is reflected on the top of your screen; this will open a panel of options or icons, where you must click on (+) the plus symbol button to continue with the procedure.
  5. Continuously, click on the option named “Key”.
  6. Now, a red icon with a question mark will appear on your screen, which you must click and drag to make it mobile.
  7. Now you will need to press the volume button on your cell phone to immediately observe how the word “Volume up” is reflected in the center of the indicator that we previously placed on the screen.
  8. Drag “Volume Up” and position it over the crouch button.
  9. Now repeat the previous steps: Octupus > (+) plus icon> Key> grab the indicator and drag it> Volume Up. However, this time you must place the “Volume up” indicator on the wall.

After that, repeat step number 9 and continuously drag the “Volume up” indicator to place it on the secondary trigger button and finish by confirming your decision by clicking on the “Confirm” icon.