How to download iRoot APK for Android free

For most Android users, rooting was unthinkable rooting a cell phone was unthinkable and meant a complex, technical and tedious process. However, those days are over. Since there are some applications that perform this process in an automated way and without the need to connect the device to a computer How to do it? With iRoot APK.

This mobile application allows you to root smartphones up to Android OS version 5.0 with the push of a button. So it would soon become a popular tool among millions of users around the world.

Since thanks to the ease of the process, basically anyone will be able to customize their smartphone in a deeper way through modifications to its operating system. Which makes the mobile get interesting features such as: better battery saving, eliminating different errors, speeding up the processor operation, uninstalling bloatware or being able to carry out backups.

What do you need to install iRoot on Android?

  • To use it you must have an Android 4.0.1 operating system or higher.
  • You need a storage space of 13 to 14 MB.
  • It is an APK file installation, so you must enable the “Unknown Sources” option to complete the installation.

Download the iRoot for Android apk step by step

  1. Download the iRoot APK file from our link.
  2. If you download from a computer you must pass the APK file to your mobile via USB cable.
  3. If the download was made on your mobile and being an APK; it will appear in the downloads folder, which you can access through the file manager.

How to install iRoot on Android

Being an application that you will not be able to find on Google Play you must avail yourself of the APK file. And once found inside your device; you just have to:

  1. Run the iRoot APK file and press install.
  2. Let the installation run and finish by itself.
  3. Once installed look for the application icon and open it like any other App.

Main features of iRoot APK

  • Easy to use with a highly intuitive interface.
  • It is a highly consistent, free and 100% safe apk.
  • Incredible rooting tool at the push of a button
  • Works as a handy tool to remove ads.

How to use iRoot APK?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article; using iRoot APK is extremely simple, and you just need to enable the user debugging mod on your device beforehand. Afterwards you just need to:

  1. Open the iRoot application.
  2. You will be greeted by a huge button that says “Root tap it for one-click rooting.
  3. The application will ask to reboot the device, click “Accept”.
  4. Wait for iRoot to do the job, and like magic your device will be rooted and ready to use again.

On the other hand, the iRoot APK tool can also “unroot” the phone quickly and in reverse, as it also works to remove unwanted ads from downloaded applications. However, it is important that check the application’s website to see if your phone is compatible.