How to download Nu: Carnival APK for Android free

Adult romance games have quickly become popular on Android devices, however, rarely will you find a game as unusual as Nu: Carnival. What is the reason? Very simply, it has been focused on another type of audience, and its story is simply unique and unrepeatable to that of other RPG-type games.

In this case the player will personify Eiden, a manufacturer of toys for adults who gets a strange and curious crystal while working, and is transported through it to a fantasy world inhabited by attractive men with amazing powers and abilities. And it is there where he will have to become a hero to fight and save his true reality.

However, and as we mentioned before, it is a romantic game, so you will meet a series of imaginary anime boys who are simply “perfect”, wealthy and genuinely interested in getting to know you. Although if you want to establish a romance with them, you’ll have to chat previously and make an effort to achieve something beyond a simple friendship.

What you need to install Nu: Carnival on Android?

  • To install Nu: Carnival APK you must have an Android 5.0 operating system or higher.
  • Your device must have a free storage space between 134 MB and 140 MB.
  • Being an apk outside the PlayStore, you must activate the option “unknown sources” once this is done you can continue with the installation.

Download Nu: Carnival APK for Android free

  1. Enter our updated Nu: Carnival link and wait for the download to finish.
  2. If you perform the download through a computer, you must transfer it to your Android device or it won’t work.
  3. Remember that since it has an apk extension you will have to search for the download through the “file manager”.

How to install Nu: Carnival on your mobile step by step

Install Nu Carnival APK does not involve any complications if you correctly follow the steps mentioned above, so once the applications of unknown origin are activated and the file is located; you just have to:

  1. Run the .apk installer and press install.
  2. Wait for the automatic installation process to do its job and finish.
  3. Open the app from its icon as you would do with any other application.

Main features of Nu: Carnival

  1. Interesting story and plot in a fantastic world.
  2. 4 different regions: light territory, forest, water and death zone.
  3. Each character includes its own biography and power.
  4. Meet humans or fantastic beings such as vampires, knights, succubi and werewolves.
  5. Form teams with up to 5 different heroes and enjoy epic battles with ever-growing enemies and varied final bosses

How to use Nu: Carnival on Android?

Once the app is installed, you will find yourself with an intuitive interface that is easy to understand by any user. That said you just need to:

  1. Run the App.
  2. Travel through the options menu.
  3. Select the region and enjoy the different episodes of the story.

Also a particularity that makes this dating game different is an own element that integrates card games. These games, are a crucial element to seduce and conquer the different characters; while offering the possibility to unlock all parts of the story to discover the possible endings of the game. Without a doubt an impressive and unique RPG in its style!