Overlays for streamings: What are they and what are they for?

If you are a fan of video games, you are probably a follower of some of the most influential gamers on Twitch and YouTube, you may have also noticed how striking the interface they use on their channels is.

This customizable interface is called Overlay, it is nothing more than a graphical layer that is added to the video stream to give a more personalized and eye-catching look to the channel of whoever is doing the broadcast.

Stay to read this post and you will learn what they are used for and where you can get some Overlays if you are thinking of opening your own Twitch channel.

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What is an overlay in streamings?

It is an interface used in Streaming platforms that is used to give a good look to live streams, whatever the subject matter. With the intention of displaying frames or borders used by many youtubers or amateur and professional streamers.

Twitch Interactive provides a full range of these aesthetic Overlays for free and paid. This tool is used in the middle of video content transmissions and serves mainly to differentiate from the competition. Those little details, frames, alerts and styles form an Overlay.

If you are thinking of looking for a different Overlay nice and attractive for your OBS streams for Twitch, you should access several sites where you can find them.

What are Overlays for Twitch, OBS and others?

If you are looking to attract the audience and have the most views, then you must have one of these customizable Overlays. But keep in mind that your competition may use the same type of Overlay as yours, so make sure you choose the one that best resembles you.

Overlays show the style offered by each Youtuber, Gamer or Streamer, and with the premium (paid) versions you can customize in detail each one to create an exclusive Overlay.

Normally the platforms offer their services to edit the streamings, but if you are looking to customize an Overlay by yourself, you must have certain skills in Photoshop, otherwise, you will have to go through the cashier and ask for help from a person who knows how to do it.

Overlays for OBS quickly

It is known that an Overlays generator for OBS is also called “Overlays generator for the Twitch platform”, both concepts are the same. These pages offer a number of options of great aesthetic relevance, here are some of the most important ones:

  • Placeit: It is a generator for stream that is usually of great help, they are fast and have a fantastic interface.
  • Own3d.tv: in the Premium category, this site offers downloadable Overlays, but you must pay for them. For YouTube, Trovo, Facebook and Twitch channels.
  • Nerd or Die: It has over 40 featured packs to make them customizable with free stream overlays. Compatible with Twitch and other gaming sites.
  • Strexm: The most prominent gamers among users acquire customizable templates and make their channels attractive. They are well received by the public and are trending in the Overlay range.
  • Stream Play: Contains built-in features in graphic forms, and also has a Photoshop section for those who stand out as design experts.
  • Visuals By Impulse: Allows different streamers and youtubers to expand and create a new brand.
  • StreamElements: Stands out for Overlays designs for Twitch players, providing them with online overlays, with low requirements for use on any PC.