How to download Pokémon Light Platinum GBA and DS for free

It is amazing that the Pokémon adventure series that captivated our homes for its excellent stories and graphics, now we can have it on our favorite devices, and take their video game series wherever we want. Although it is a huge step forward, there are so many video games and computers available, that it is normal that we can get lost when downloading the games on our devices.

On the other hand, although there are many styles of pc and each one has different functions or systems, the process to get the games is very easy if you follow the correct instructions. For this reason, today we will show you step by step how to download Pokémon Light Platinum on GBA and DS which are one of the oldest consoles but preferred by the most loyal users.

History of Pokémon Light Platinum

Pokémon Light Platinum is a hack designed by Wesley and translated by Brock Wah in addition, it has pokémon ruby as its base rom. It is one of the first Pokémon video games and although it may be a bit old the most loyal fans are still caught by its interesting story.

This video game aims to take players to the world and regions of Zhery and Lauren so that they can become league winners, while getting protagonists from other games and also, they can guide their avatars to explore these worlds and destroy the plans of the villainous team called “Team Steam”.

Features of Pokémon Light Platinum

Although it is a Game that has functions, plots, locations, characters and other things that are very similar to the original, new features have been added such as:

  • 2 new regions: in this new version you will be able to find the main region of Zhery and the other called Lauren.
  • 2 Pokémon leagues: in this new version there are 2 different Pokémon leagues for each region
  • Pokemons of 4th and 5th generation: In pokémon Light Platinum it is now possible to have up to a 5th generation of avatars.
  • New Sprite: There are Sprite for all the pokemon and they will be seen in combat (back-sprite) in full body. Something that is not very common in Pokemon Hack Rom.
  • New maps: Due to the fact that there are 2 regions there are new maps and much more extensive
  • Safari Zone: There will be a new custom safari zone
  • World Championship: If the pokemon league is not a good challenge for you, there is a much more complicated one called “World Championship”

Download free Pokémon Light Platinum for GBA

Downloading the game is very easy if you follow the instructions below:

  1. Download your favorite emulator.
  2. Download the Pokemon Light Platinum game.
  3. Then go to the folder where you saved them and move them both to the desktop (it will be better to have them together for the next step).
  4. Now drag the game and drop it onto the emulator.
  5. Now a new window will appear where you can play the game right away.

How to download free Pokémon Light Platinum for DS?

To download this version you only have to follow the following step by step

  1. First you must download your favorite emulator and the game.
  2. After completing the download you must extract the emulator and open it (the game is already unzipped).
  3. When opening the emulator you must select any of the options that says “NDS”.
  4. Once ready the windows explorer will open where you must click on “Desktop” and slide down until you find the name of the game
  5. Now you must click on the game.
  6. Then a new window will appear and you will see how the game is ready to start playing

What you need to install Pokémon Light Platinum?

To easily install Pokémon Light Platinum you only need to download the game and have a good emulator, for this we show you a list of the best and compatible emulators to play without problems

  1. mGBA.
  2. VisualBoyAdvance-M.
  3. Mednafen.
  4. WinDS Pro.
  5. No$gba.